ASP Report #9 featuring the lord of the lines Eddie Comini!

Filmed/Edited: MP

ASP Report #8 - Hashpipe edition. Follow Soggy Sam, Alex Florek, Kennie LaFleche, Dylan Copella, Teddy D, Jeff Auld, Joey Z, Carlos Alindato, & Cody Morin as they session the Hashpipe ramp and then hit the park! Filmed/Edited: Soggy Sam.

ASP Report #7 featuring Soggy Sam, Greg Cotto, Mike Morris, Mike Cotto, Dylan Copella, Jeff Kennedy, & Greg Sanocki. Filmed/Edited:MP

ASP Report #6 featuring Dylan Copella & Jeff Auld. Presented by CBP, 4tion skateboards, Green Life skateboards, & Proper Skateboard Products. With guests Melvin Cosme, Emil Nasti, & Soggy Sam. Filmed/Edited: MP 

CBP Syracuse Trip 2014

ASP Report #5 featuring Jeff Barnes, Christian Jarvis, Joey Zello, Matt Rondoletto, Luke Cabana, Mitch Boylan, Soggy Sam, & Emil Nasti. Filmed/Edited: MP

ASP Report #4 featuring Soggy Sam and the homies Kennie LaFleche, Mike Cotto, Joey Zello, & Jeff Kennedy. Filmed/Edited: MP

ASP Report #3 featuring Soggy Sam, Bryan Turcotte, & Brycen Hernandez. Filmed/Edited: MP

Part 3 of the Junction RIP series features footage filmed & edited by Josh Chouinard. With Brendan O’Connor, Melvin Cosme, Paul Collins, ¬†Carlos Alindato, Greg Sanocki, Joey Hilbert, Mert Atmaca, Josh Chouinard, & Devin Colon. Part 4 coming next week!

ASP Report #2 featuring Melvin Cosme, Dan Dziuban, Dylan Boynton, Josh Chouinard, Devin Colon, Jason Bravo, Matt Corsi, Antonio Bruno, Sean Bruno, Brendan O’Connor, and Nate Greenwood. Filmed/Edited:MP