ASP Report #10 featuring Greg Cotto! Filmed/Edited: MP

Carlos Alindato - Theory Skate Shop video #7 in progress.

Devin Colon - Theory Skate Shop video #7 in progress.


Nick Bruno is filming for the new Theory Skate Shop video #7. Each week we will be posting a preview of a team homie for the video on! Filmed/Edited: Mikey Pioggia & Greg Sanocki.

@jive_terkey and @dcopella blessing you with some quick tricks at ASP the other day. #chubbyboyproductions #aspreport #deathlens

@gregsanocki sliding a front beezy at the courthouse Photo: @soggy_sam #chubbyboyproductions #SlideOff

@gregsanocki sliding a front beezy at the courthouse Photo: @soggy_sam #chubbyboyproductions #SlideOff

@youngchocolate 360 flip. 
📷: @soggy_sam
#theoryskateshop #chubbyboyproductions

@youngchocolate 360 flip.
📷: @soggy_sam
#theoryskateshop #chubbyboyproductions

As many people already know, Chubby Boy Productions (CBP) is a good way to keep up with what’s going on in the Western Mass skate scene. As far as the footage goes anyways. I couldn’t help but notice the only thing missing was some background or behind the scenes stories from the people both in front of the lens and behind it. I ran the idea of putting out interviews passed Mikey and he seemed hyped on the idea. Under the safe assumption that skateboarders don’t read too often I thought doing written interviews might switch it up a bit. You know top to bottom, left to right, a group of words together is a sentence? Seeing as MP is one of the main guys responsible for CBP it’s only right to give him the first interview. Michael Pioggia, over the passed few years, has become a close friend of mine. He’s a genuine dude who backs anyone, unless you give him a reason to think otherwise. He is an essential piece to the puzzle that is the Western Mass skate scene.

How did you get into the filming aspect of skating? Or did the camera come before skating?

Skateboarding came before filming for me. Shortly after i started skating i was beginning to fool around with my dads vhs camcorder, i think around ‘99 or ‘00. Just filming my neighbors skate the slappy bar in my driveway and the most trife mini ramp in my backyard. I convinced my parents to purchase me a HI8 camcorder, which then led to a Digital8, and then finally I purchased myself the VX1000 when i was 15. I always took filming kinda serious even when i was younger, i just always wanted the best view of the trick i could possibly get, but it wasn’t until i got my first VX that i really felt like i was a “filmer”.

Nice, the VX is definitely a staple in the world of skateboarding, there’s just something real about it. How do you feel about the HD epidemic?!

I knew it was only a matter of time before the vx was going to be considered out of style to most people. Although i will always enjoy watching vx footage more than hd, there are some dudes out there that make hd footage look rad. I still have my vx but mostly ive been filming with the panasonic dvx100b which can shoot in both sd or hd, i just choose to keep it sd because i like the look and feel of it.Thats the thing with filming, theres kind of like an unwritten list of rules that a lot of people follow. Dont film from behind so you dont get homies ass in the shot, clean your lens, focus? Shutter? Iris? Ect. Ect. But who’s to say what and how to film? A dude can make a video with an expensive hd set up or a dude can make an edit with a vhs tape deck, its all about personal preference. The hd vs. sd argument will never end.

Keeping it OG for as long as possible? Ha much respected. What project or projects are in the works for everyones viewing pleasure in the near future?

Right now i am working on the new Theory Skate Shop video with Greg Sanocki. This will be my fourth video for Theory, should hopefully be done by this winter. I’ve also been releasing these ASP Report edits every week this summer. Also, i’ve been working on a CBP video with a few friends, not sure when that will be done though, just want that one to be fun and not as serious. Trying to stay busy and film as much as i can!

So pressure is off for the CBP video? What do you prefer, the long term effort of a full length video, or the smaller edits for the blog?

CBP video will be something we’ll work on after this Theory video is complete. We put our all into the Theory videos because there is a lot of pressure that comes with it. They have a long legacy of great videos so Sanocki and I try our best to keep that train moving forward. Every premiere is in a movie theatre filled with 400 people which pretty much represent our entire skate scene, i dont want to let anyone down! CBP video will be a short fun video with the homies just to relieve some stress from more serious projects. I love making edits every week for the blog because it keeps people up to date and keeps things current, the more they see your edits the more the viewer recognizes with your work. But it definitely can’t come close to the feeling of sitting down in the movie theatre at the premiere and kick back after 2 plus years of filming and editing!

Yeah, the Theory videos are a pretty big deal. I would always go to the premieres and trip out on how many people were there! If you had to pick a project that you are most proud of which one would it be, and for what reason?

I think i am most proud of the ASP2 video. it was the first video that i took serious while filming. it was my best friends that i would skate,film, and hangout with everyday. we filmed the video from like ‘05-‘07. it’s crazy that i still have people asking me for copies 7 years later. The Theory videos really trip me out too, i think the first one i was apart of (ten years after) was a big eye opener to me as to how big of a response i could get from a video.

Hell yeah, there is a lot of people out there that appreciate what you do man! Without footage people would need to be gossiping like little school girls about tricks that went down haha. Thank you for your time in answering these questions! Any thank you’s, shout outs, or advice about filming that you want to throw out there?!

Thank you for asking me these questions man! Shout out to all the ASP heads and Theory shop crew that i skate with and let me point my camera at them. As far as advice goes ide say just make sure you’re always having fun! Filming can be very stressful at times but you have to remember it is always about having a good time documenting the session with your homies!

Interview & Photo by: Devin Colon

ASP Report #9 featuring the lord of the lines Eddie Comini!

Filmed/Edited: MP